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To emerging organisations, and mould-breaking professionals, François-Noël Tissot serves an integrated Global Management Support, designed to foster identity.

Clients say benefits are significant when workload, complexity or uncertainty are expected to rise temporarily.
With a Global Management Support, autonomy and initiative may lift bottlenecks in management, negociation and creativity processes.

Merging organisations, innovative start-ups and emerging territories are likely to benefit most from the service. It is also of interest to investors and consultancies.

An early contributor to establishing "management of change" in Europe, François-Noël Tissot is a founding partner of one of the first identity consultancies in France, back in 1984. Today, he projects that most organisations are now taking shape according to a similar "global" model.
To fuel their own Clients' innovation, they are led to re-engineer their management function accordingly.

Tissot's culture stems from his contribution to shaping, engineering and branding processes, thus supporting pioneering initiatives from Fortune Global 100 / CAC, as well as privately-held companies, universities or museums.
His references include Total, Peugeot, Fiat, Renault, Valeo, Bnp-Paribas, France Telecom, Accor, Air France, Apple Computers, Kodak, Schlumberger, United Technologies, Geodis, Roquette, Euromed, Aix-Marseilles Universities, Musée International de l'Automobile, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de La Villette.

A former R&D Director at Wolff Olins, a world leading brand consultancy, now part of Omnicom Customer Relationship Management, Tissot designed corporate identity strategies and developed branding projects in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.
In France, François-Noël advised Renault, and also Accor, Cetelem (BNP-Paribas), Shell and Valeo.

François-Noël advocated transformation leverage in all dimensions of corporate behaviour, not just branding by name and design.
In the UK, France and Italy, he went on supporting diversified consultancies into developing their own specific contribution to identity building :
• to make strategy legible, for Allied-Domecq (Pernod-Ricard), The Battelle Institute, Cégos, Crédit Agricole and others, he advised The Design House, Newell & Sorell (Interbrand / Omnicom), ADSA and HDM (Havas), Identités (FutureBrand / McCann), Desgrippes-Gobé (d/g* group) ;
• to deploy collective intelligence, he joined architects, engineerists and ergonomists, to conduct space programming, logistics, quality, safety and signage projects for Fiat, Snecma (Safran), Assurance Maladie (CPAM), Unedic and the Government of Kosovo.

A seasoned coach, in line with the International Coach Federation Code of Deontology, fluent in both English and French, François-Noël studied in France, the UK and Austria to postgraduate level in Business Administration, Communication and Corporate Transformation.
Born in Blida, Algeria, mensan François-Noël, father to two sons and three daughters, enjoys table tennis, acting and singing, jazz and classical music. 

                                         • Contact : Tissot@perQuem.eu / perQuem@Gmail.com

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